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Blader magazine
Who cares? It's only blading

BLADER MAGAZINE is kind of an italian point of view for a ‘zine thing about rollerblading.

Hand made, hand distributed, made in Italy, about blading, black on cheap paper, unknown bladers, rainbows, squared wheels, limited speedlights, concrete, find a spot, find someone to kill it, find someone else with a camera shooting him, empty pools, find another spot, hand-rails are fun, pools are better, friends.

(november 2010)

On the road again, november 2010, two years online for BLADER MAGAZINE

After two years of blogging about crap and rollerblading I realized that blading has ever offered me so many things through the years that now I feel the need to give something back.

Back in the days It gave me the opportunity to understand, experience and enjoy my hometown from a very different perspective. It offered me a very wide palimpsest of opportunities that I’ve never be able to achieve otherwise.

It gave me free stuff from companies when I was sponsored and the opportunity of travelling across my country and abroad.

It made me understand the balance between pain, dedication and perseverance.

We are all born to win something eventually by failing

It made me aware of my limits by passing them, understanding that we are all born to win something eventually by failing.

It taught me to get up every time again after an hard slam on the floor and to always tend a hand to a friend at the ground.

It explain to me that boundaries are created by set of rules, and that we are responsible for our own set of rules.

It gave me so many magic moments I can’t have enough memories for all.

It gave me friends.

And finally it made me understand that there are “so many things” beyond rollerblading that are worth of living for.

Well.. what a surprise..

Well.. BLADER MAGAZINE is on the road again to speak about rollerblading and the other “so many things” we could live for. Through the changing we have done to the magazine we want to offer you the point of view of different rollerbladers to the other “so many things” out there.

But according to Mulder we are aware that Blading itself is a point of view and we all have to face with the way people are looking at Blading.

Who cares? It’s only Blading.

M. G. , director